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I just decided to install a separate wireless router with the Arris MTA, because frankly, the wireless was poor (both the 2.4 and 5 connections) in my house.  I was given instructions by a TWC guy what to do: I went into the Arris router, turned off the 2.4 wireless and disabled the Broadcast Network.  I did the same with the 5.0.  I had to re-start the router a couple of times, but then everything seemed to work.  My wired computers worked and my new wireless internet network worked.  However, my security camera did not (which the TWC guy warned me might happen).  As he instructed, I tried to get back into the router to put it in "bridge" mode under the LAN setting.  First of all, the router somehow deleted my password and reverted back to "password".  I'm not sure how to re-set a new password.  Second, after putting the router in "bridge" mode, both of my wired computers were unable to access the Internet (it said it lack an IP address?).  I managed after great difficulty to re-access the Arris router and take it out of bridge mode. I have Internet again, but still no security camera.  Any suggestion on (1) How to reset a new password for the Arris router; and (2) How to get my security camera to work?  Should I unplug the camera from the Arris router and plug it directly into the new wireless router or is there a way to put the Arris router back into "bridge" mode without losing my wired Internet connections?

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You have a few different questions in your post, but they are related, so I'll try to address eeach one.   I'll also go over some basic networking, it may be information you already have, so my apologies if it is redundant.   


First, the "password" to access the modem interface is a default password and not related to the wireless password used for the modems wifi.  The default password can not be changed at the customer access level.  That said, using the factory reset button on the back will restore all settings to the original settings, which is sometimes a good place to start.  


The ARRIS 1670 is an all in one modem / router combo.  The routing function hands out IP addresses.  Putting the modem in "Bridge" mode disables wifi and routing.  The modem becomes a pass through, delivering an Internet signal and a separate router is then needed to assign the IP addresses to the devices.  Anything plugged into the ARRIS will not get a signal, it will need to be plugged into the router.  Using your own router is a great way to manage your wireless connection, plus you can also add access points if you need them. This is great for homes that have areas where wifi cannot reach easily, especially older homes and brick homes.     


For the security cameras, using your own router is advised.  The best way is to do port forwarding.  This is when you create a link between an IP address and a port, for example  What this does is it gives the camera a constant address, so you (or your device) can find it when accessing it remotely.  It can sound complicated, but its pretty straightforward.  My suggestion is to search your camera model and "port forwarding" on the Internet, there are likely videos and step by step instructions available.   Without port forwarding, you may loose the camera connection anytime the modem is restarted.   


So, basically what you want to do is put the modem in bridge modem (a factory reset may help, but is optional), attach the router, configure the router, attach your devices to the new router (both wired and wireless) and set up the cameras with port forwarding.   


I hope this helps.  Please do not hesitate to let us know if you have additional questions, and certainly let us know how it works out for you. 


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