Are two modems allowed on the same account

A Spectrum customer that I know is moving to a large home and rather than deal with WiFi extenders and wireless mesh routers, I wonder if he can install two modems in his new home?


Not sure if he will use Spectrum VOIP, so it might be two customer purchased modems or two Spectrum provided modems. Does Spectrum allow this?

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Re: Are two modems allowed on the same account

you would need two internet services then.i believe it is 39.99 to add a second internet servcie if u have spectrum pricing


Re: Are two modems allowed on the same account

nope. Tell them to get a life and put in a decent modem,  a seperate router and a quality wifi AP like a Ruckus.

 ALL in ones are junk, most consumer routers with wireless are better but won't penetrate more than 4 walls reliably or 3 floors. .

 2 modems creates a lot more issues.

Next, take and shove WIFI where it belongs, in the trash.. Have ethernet cabling installed for fixed TV's and computers, printers, camera's.

Wifi should only be used for hand held devices, no gaming or movie streamers, especially in a big house with multiple sets.


I just spent the day at a  biz class customer trying to run everything "wirelessly" , Yeah 12 smart TV's in a highly RF congested area, the Worst one in town... TWC/spectrum said it will work... and the acces is thru a 90 minute lease hotspot... multiple 12-18" brick walls, 15,000 sq feet at least...


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Re: Are two modems allowed on the same account

what are some suggested names and model numbers of modems that are not junk.

And, routers that will also not be junk - I have had enough of the junk causing me to spend too many precious hours trying to maintain configuration on all - in - one devices. Help! Thanks in advannce !


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Re: Are two modems allowed on the same account

As a primary modem, you'll never go wrong with an arris sb6183. These are well established NID trusted devices for your modem for the connection to spectrum.


For routers, I recommend looking really at what you want to do. If you are looking to go Wifi only and are willing to run and install a network to back it, then I would recommend looking on arrisi.com at their home solutions equipment. They have been releasing devices specifically for installing wireless access points in a home to solve deadspot problems and solve range issues,


its generally never recommended to try and attempt to run a single house over wireless only technology from one single router. Networks were never meant for that kind of abuse. While it may be more expensive, this eliminates the need for a second service line, because unlike what someone said, it's not 39.95 it's standard rate pricing, which starts at around 64.95 before taxes.


that $500 is more well spent on proper networking equipment than trying to bandaid your issue with seperate modems.

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