2 Modems Not Possible, Alternatives?

I have no ethernet jack in a back office of mine and need to hard-wire my internet via ethernet cable. I'm not taking the risk with wireless/wirless connection is extremely poor in that area. Wireless is out of the picture.


I have a coaxial chord the  back office, but two modems is not an option either.  


Are there any other coax to ethernet converters out there?


Could a cable guy come out and wire through the house somehow? Aesthetically, it can't be be visible, so it would have to be hidden in the walls. Is this possible for a regular cable guy?


The wifi modem is all the way in the basement.


Re: 2 Modems Not Possible, Alternatives?

The best bet would be to have an electrician come out and wire the ethernet cords into the walls from the modem. This is not something our technicians would be able to do. 


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Re: 2 Modems Not Possible, Alternatives?

By the way, if you want to avoid paying someone to run an Ethernet cable for you, this may be something that you can accomplish.  The trick is to find a good existing spot to fish the cable between floors.  There are two good candidates for this:  One is the main waste pipe, if that runs by a closet or the office area is near a bathroom with a tub, you can usually get access to that fairly easily and there's usually room around the edges of the waste pipe.  The other candidate is one of the cold air return ducts (if you have forced hot-air heating).  It's best to run cable without ends and then attach the ends after the cable is run in place, but that requires extra equipment and knowledge.


Re: 2 Modems Not Possible, Alternatives?


better use plenum rated cable...


You can usually get from the basement to the attic alongside the plumbing vent stacks, most are a straight shot.

Or on an outside wall where the electric meter/ cable enters up into the eave or crawlspace..

 And yeah, it's a/v contractor work that TWC won't do.  They like to staple wire on the outside of the house....

Some houses have cat 5 run to a "network interface/ structured wiring box.

You only need 2 pairs for 100 base ethernet and have the other 2 for phone



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Re: 2 Modems Not Possible, Alternatives?

Just remember that those installs can not be upgraded to faster than 100 Mbps download without replacing and/or adding some cable.  Gigabit ethernet uses all four pairs in the CAT-5E jacket, and so does Enhanced POE for higher current drain devices, such as day-night video cameras with their own IR light sources. 


Forum lurkers are cautioned to keep Ethernet, coaxial, and telephone cables physically separated at least 6 inches away from AC power wiring.  The only NEC exception is where two electrical work boxes are mechanically mounted side by side.   Then all of the signalling cables can share one work box, but they cannot use the power system ground.


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Re: 2 Modems Not Possible, Alternatives?

Back office?  I assume the same house.


Although they may be frowned upon by some, I have made use of Powerline Ethernet adapters to extend the reach of my LAN where:  1/  The device is not wireless compatible, and 2/  I had multple devices far enough away from the router that using the powerline adapters was logical.


You can procure a pair of TP-Link Powerline adapters (up to 200 Mbps) at the world's largest online retailer for less than $25.  Worth a shot before hiring a contractor to run hard cable.