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Spectrum Business Channel Lineup

Channel lineups vary by your location and package.

To view your channel lineup:

  1. Go to the Spectrum Business TV page.
  2. Select the TV Packages tab.
  1. Select View channel lineup for any package.
  2. Enter your Street Address and Zip Code to find the channel lineup for your area. If your address is listed as you enter it, select it.
  3. Select Go. All channels for your area are displayed.
  4. If you signed up for service before 7/9/2017, select Click here. Then select the download link for your area.
  5. Filter the channel list, selecting all packages that apply. You can also choose to display the list according to channel number (Ch. #) or Channel Name.

You can:

  • Filter the list by categories such as sports or movies.
  • Enter a particular network in the Search field.
  • Print your channel lineup by selecting Print View and then selecting Print.
  • Select Email to send a link to your channel lineup to an email address that you enter.