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Reporting Internet Abuse

Reporting Internet Abuse

What is Internet Abuse?

Internet abuse consists of threats and harassment, viruses, spamming, phishing email, port scanning, hacking, DDoS outages, copyright infringement and other similar activities.

How to Respond to Threats

If you’re threatened over the Internet via email, chat, or other form of online communication:

  • Don’t respond to the threat, but report the abuse instead.
  • Keep the offensive or dangerous email for your records.
  • Report the incident to your local law enforcement agency.
  • Learn how to protect your information.

How Do I Report Internet Abuse?

Complaints can be processed only with evidence to report the abuse. Usually, internet abuse is sent through messages in the form of email.

Step 1: Collect Evidence

You need to find out where the message came from. There are 2 ways.

Option A: Refer to the Email Header

Refer to the email header of the message which is found based on your email provider:

Sample email header
Spectrum Business Email
  1. Open the email and right-click on it.
  2. Select View Page Source.
Microsoft Outlook
  1. Open the email and select the Message Options icon.
Message Options icon in Outlook.
  1. View the Internet headers section for the source of the email.
  1. Open the message you'd like to view headers for.
  2. Select the down arrow next to Reply, at the top of the message pane.
  3. Choose Show Original.
  4. The full headers will appear in a new window.
Apple Mail — iCloud.com
  1. Open the message in a separate window.
  2. Select the cogwheel icon menu and choose Show Long Headers.

Option B: Refer to the Firewall Log

Sample firewall log

To find the firewall log of the message:

  1. Visit your firewall vendor’s website to help you read the date and time of abuse.
  2. Collect the offending IP address and time stamp from the firewall log or email header.
  3. Go to the ARIN website and enter the offender’s IP address to identify the offender.

Step 2: Email the Offender

  1. Send an email to the owner of IP address (offender) with the evidence. Make sure you include the email header or the firewall log in the complaint.
  2. If the source of abuse is Spectrum, send an email to abuse@charter.net with the evidence.

Copyright Violation

If you believe that a Spectrum IP address is violating your copyright claim to original material such as a song, film or software, please report the incident to dmca@charter.net.

You must be the copyright holder to file a DMCA notice. Please comply with the standards of the Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA).

Learn more about copyright infringement.