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Handset Calling Features and Star Codes

Using your handset, dial the correct star (*) code shortcuts from the guide below.

You can also access calling features online.


Calling Features

3-Way Calling

Activate: Press Flash


Accept Selected Callers

You can indicate specific incoming calls that are acceptable for you to receive.

Manage online.


Block 3rd Party Charges

Contact us.


Block 900/976 Calls

This is automatically set up.


Block Anonymous Calls

Using your handset:

Activate: Dial *77
Deactivate: Dial *87


Block Outbound Caller ID

You can temporarily hide your phone number from the party you’re calling by pressing *67 before a phone number. “Private” or “Anonymous” will appear on the recipient’s phone display.


Note: If the party you’re trying to reach blocks anonymous calls, your call may not go through.

If Outbound Call ID Blocking is turned on, you can turn it off for an individual call by dialing *82 before a phone number.


Using your handset:

Activate: Dial *67
Deactivate: Dial *82


Block Unwanted Callers

Compile a list of phone numbers to block any unwanted incoming calls.

Manage online.


Call Waiting

When you’re on the phone, a soft beep notifies you of another incoming call. Press the Flash button on your phone to accept the second call, which will place the current call on hold.

Using your handset:

Activate: Press Flash
Deactivate: Dial *70

The Flash button is also used to switch between two calls. If you choose to hang up the phone, the current call will end and the incoming call will ring immediately.


To prevent an outbound call from being interrupted, press *70 before entering the phone number. Call Waiting is reactivated automatically once your call is complete.


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Calling Features