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Accessibility Options

Spectrum Mobile is committed to a universally accessible experience for all of our customers. The following information will help you learn more about our accessibility options.

Screen Reader Friendly

Spectrum Mobile’s web and mobile apps are accessible for customers who use Text-to-Speech (TTS) programs.

Google Talkback

If you have a Samsung or LG phone, you can activate Google Talkback on your Android phone for auditory access. For spoken feedback on Android with Talkback and other accessibility features, visit the Android accessibility features page.

Voice Access

Voice Access works based off of spoken commands and gives you a hands-free way to interact with your phone. The My Spectrum Mobile app is compatible with Voice Access on Android devices. Visit Android Accessibility Help for more information.

Apple Text-to-Speech

If you have an iPhone, Apple offers a Text-to-Speech feature for auditory access. For more information on Apple’s Voiceover feature, visit Apple Support.


Spectrum Stores

Our stores follow ADA guidelines and are wheelchair and guide dog friendly. Additionally, customers who use assistive technology or who wish to test the compatibility of our mobile handsets with their hearing aids are welcome to do so in our stores. Our staff are friendly, knowledgeable and able to offer assistance if you require it.

Find a Spectrum store near you.


Handset and Hearing Aid Compatibility

Spectrum Mobile phones are all hearing-aid compatible. Visit our Hearing Aid Compatibility page to learn more.



All Spectrum handsets allow for TTY (Teletypewriter) functionality for those who are using a TTY device.

Learn more about TTY on mobile devices.



Real Time Text (RTT) is a new, mobile friendly way to transmit text communications in real time. This technology is intended to upgrade and replace TTY technology for customers who are deaf or hard of hearing.

Visit realtimetext.org to learn more.


RTT is available for Apple devices. If you have an iPhone, visit Apple Support to learn more about using RTT.


RTT is available for select Spectrum Mobile Android devices, including:

  • LG Stylo 4
  • Samsung Galaxy Note9

Refer to your device’s manufacturer for instructions to enable RTT on your phone.

For more information, contact us at (833) 224-6603.