hey does specturm have a thingy

a thingy that u can connect the coax cable into an that to the coax on the back of the tv thats NOT a cable box and its free all it does is unscrable the channels ? and u can use the tvs tuner to change channels and they r all in hd ?


oh ya and its FREE

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Re: hey does specturm have a thingy

Nothing like that exists... For free or otherwise.


You cannot connect to a coaxial input and get and HD picture, for starters. But as well, there has to be some kind of signal decoder to pick up the signal and provide you with the service. And if that decoder is in place, it will have its own remote - it may be compatible with universal remotes, but most stock TV remotes are not universal.


There are alternatives to a cablebox: such as "Spectrum Stream" where you can subscribe to just the online app and you'll just need an internet connection... But there's no such thing as a free channel.


Re: hey does specturm have a thingy

The biggest reason signals are encrypted in the first place is because of cable theft.