cable volume - support is confused

I called support after trying to set my remote to control cable volume on the new DVR.  A little light blinked on the box when I push a volume button but volume bar didn't appear on screen. First support call tried to match my remote to TV,  and I finally got him to realize that's not what I was trying to do. He said remote was defective, sending a new one. I called back because of no caller ID (told I have to wait a day), and I mentioned the volume problem. She said I can't control volume on the new DVR.  After hanging up I was looking through the setup menu, and I discovered a setting where THE CABLE VOLUME WAS TURNED OFF! I turned it on and it works. Two different support people didn't know about that.


Re: cable volume - support is confused

Most everything has an audio option.

Fixed sends full audio out to tv& stereo systems to be controlled by their own volume controls.

 Variable uses the cable bax remote to vary it's output level.

Depending if you have dvd/blu ray players, sound bars hooked to the TV, there can be different ways of setting these up.