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Worldbox 2.0 vs. Arris 6 tuner box

The worldbox may be newer but the Arris brand is better.  Is the worldbox made by Arris?  My tech said he thought but wasn't sure that the worldbox had a thirty second skip.  It doesn't.  Now I'm told the worldbox only has 4 tuners.  Thinking I should exchange worlbox back to Arris.  I don't care about whole home dvr so should I keep worldbox or not.  Also, do any Spectrum remotes have a back button and a exit or live button and a day button for the guide? 


Re: Worldbox 2.0 vs. Arris 6 tuner box

The Spectrum branded boxes are made by Technicolor or Humax to the same specs, i.e. 210-T = Technicolor and 210-H = Humax. I'm not aware of a 210-A version made by Arris but there may be.


Sounds like you want the CLIKR5 remote. You can try your local Spectrum store to see if they have them in stock and exchange your current remote.