Why does a reboot take so long?

I get that things happen. Honestly, I do. But I just had the power go out for LITERALLY less than 2 seconds during a storm. In that less than 2 seconds, of course, I lost power to the television. Well, less than 2 seconds of power outage then led to 22 MINUTES of "reboot" of the cable box. I do not understand why this takes as long as it does. Power failures suck. However, that sucking intensifies greatly when you are trying to watch something and miss 22 minutes (including the end of a show) for 2 seconds.

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Re: Why does a reboot take so long?

The reboot time grows dramatically when you have a thousand or more set-top convertersthat take a 'brief' power outage hit.   All of them immediately try to reload their entire TV channnel assignment plan and the service level programming for each box.   Of course most of the cable system electronics along the overhead and buried routes go out too.  Then when power comes back the reboot information has to be sent to each unique box IP address.  it can't go out to a group of boxes as "Here's the lineup if you are a middle tier HD subscriber," because the box doesn't remember what services it used to have. 


The single best thing you can do is to buy the smallest computer UPS and plug in your TV and set-top box power cords.  Note, that's JUST the power cord, NEVER the coaxial signal cable!  It won't eliminate the reboots for every power outage, and it won't keep the cable company's outdoor hardware running, but it will often shorten the time to restore your converter programming.  If you have cable internet, plug the modem power supply into the UPS too. 


Re: Why does a reboot take so long?

i know mine gets stuck on L-3 for a whle. if you have a DVR you might be able to hit the select button on the remote and it will tell you that it's downloading a bunch of catalog items