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Using cable remote for soundbar

I have a JBL soundbar and too many remotes! I'd like to use my Time Warner Cable remote for my JBL soundbar. How do I program this?
Spectrum Employee

Re: Using cable remote for soundbar

Hello there,


I get that juggeling too many remotes is not fun, espically in the dark. If the universal remote can be programmed to your soundbar, you will need this webpage:


It will help you get the code or codes to put in so that the remote can "speak" to your sound bar.  Now if you want the soundbar to be your main volume, you will need to program the remote to control the volume of that device and not say the volume of the tv. This is a more advance control, and I recommend using the PDF of the remote guide, depending on your model.  


If your remote is an older model, or worn out, you can request a replacement by calling into repair, or taking the remote to your nearest Spectrum store to be swapped out. 


I hope that link above helps you simply things.