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Using 1 Spectrum remote to rule them all?

I have some elderly friends who have spectrum tv and internet. And they have what I guess is a Spectrum DVR STB.

They  bought a new  Samsung TV that has a Samsung OneRemote. 

SO My questions revolve around how to get their Spectrum remote to control their samsung TV.

Here's a link to the TV:



I found this:


And I also found this:



Once I inspect their Spectrum Remote and Spectrum DVR STB I'm pretty sure that I will be able to identify both and find online manuals. 



Anybody have any pointers or suggestions.... I have literally never tried to program a remote.  I guess I'm lazy, I've always had 2 or 3 remotes laying around....


I might add  I'm guessing I can simply plug an hdmi cable into the TV HDMI Port 1 and a hdmi port on the STB? 





Re: Using 1 Spectrum remote to rule them all?

Yes, HDMI out on the DVR to an HDMI input on the tv would connect the DVR to the tv. Then just make sure the tv is set to the correct input where the HDMI cable is connected.


As for the remote...the Spectrum remote will control most of the basic functions of the tv (power, volume, input selection) with the likely exception of the menu. For that the original tv remote will probably be needed.

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Re: Using 1 Spectrum remote to rule them all?

Thanks Reds....I figured that was the best I could hope for.....These are elderly people who don't really know much about Smart Tv's and streaming  apps, so if I can get their current remote to do the spectrum Tv stuff then that will probably suffice.  The Tv  they are replacing is 15 years old so hopefully the spectrum dvr stb is a newer vintage that has hdmi  io. I can remember back in the day you  split the coax cable and it plugged directly into the TV itself, but this was obviously before hdmi. 


Re: Using 1 Spectrum remote to rule them all?

All the current boxes have HDMI, although I'm sure they keep some of the really old boxes on hand for special situations when customers request them due to having an old tv.

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Re: Using 1 Spectrum remote to rule them all?

Just wanted everybody to know that I simply plugged the spectrum stb into hdmi 1 and it auto detected and tge spectrum remote turns the tv off and on, changes the volume,,etc.

You still have to use the samsung remote on the smart tv side, but it also works to control the spectrum side