Trade in remote by mail?

We just traded our box for a newer one and at the same time traded our remote. We were given a Samsung box, which is all they had at the store. I am fine with that, as we got rid of the old Scientific Atlanta box. But we were given an RC122 remote and I am not happy with it.  It was a pain to set up and is a pain to use. First we have to press the device and then  power button for each to turn things on and off and secondly the buttons are too small for me to see.

Its pointless to go back to the store, as the lady said thats all we have, the end. So I need recommendations for which remote to get and then how to go about getting one mailed, without cost?

Looking for a remote with larger easy to read buttons and one has just one button that turns all devices on and off.


Re: Trade in remote by mail?

The newer Arris boxes are coming with a remote that has a "system power" button that sequentially turns the TV and cable box off, but it's easy for them to get out of sync and it results in more confusion.

Buy a big button universal remote, it will probably do the cable box codes and maybe most  TV codes. The old stock ones are useless, they don't support most flat panel TV's made after 2010but usually do the cable boxes as those codes were all the same




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Re: Trade in remote by mail?

Little known fact: We have big button remotes.  Can get via tech, retail store, or EZ Connect Mail-out.

The "normal" remote is a CLIKR5, the big button is a CLIKR3.   I've not heard that it's going to be discontinued from the manufacturer (if anything we've been ordering more of them with encryption confusion going on here where I am, they're helpful for non-tech-savvy elderly customers).


The best thing about them is there's no confusion over system on/off versus CBL then Power.  It's just 3 single programmable TV, DVD, and CBL buttons at the top.  Program it to your TV or Cable box and all you have to do is press that one button to turn on or off.  Much easier IMHO.

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