TV in Garage

I have a TV in the garage that I use with chrome cast. I'd like to be able to watch my cable service, but because the power isn't always on to the outlet, I can't use a full cable box. They take way too long to boot up. I'm told that the DTA boxes are no longer available, and you can't stream the TWC app through chrome cast.

My TV has a digital tuner built in, but that is now disabled. Do I need to forget using cable there and just buy a digital antenna?
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Re: TV in Garage

You must have a good reason for keeping power in the garage turned off, so we'll skip the idea of leaving it on and using a standard set-top box.  Yes, an exterrnal antenna connected directly into your TV set's digital tuner is certainly one way you can watch over the air TV broadcasts in your garage on the spur of the moment.  People did it that way for decades, until cable TV became popular. 


Re: TV in Garage

buy a roku express for 30.00 and stream it over the app