TV box light too bright when off

I saw another post about this issue but it was for a different type of TV box. We have two

Humax HD: Spectrum 101-T  boxes. Both boxes, when turned off, are super bright. This is a real problem in our bedroom as it lights up the entire room even when turned off! We either have to completely unplug the box or cover it with a shirt or something. We should not have to do this. Does anyone have a solution for this, besided switching tv providers, which we are considering, as this is a real nuisance. Thanks!


Re: TV box light too bright when off

I'm 99% sure that the brightness cannot be adjusted. You can swap the box for one of the older boxes if they are still available at your local Spectrum store. I personally use a TiVo that you can turn off all lights if you want.

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Re: TV box light too bright when off

I don’t have that exact box, but I also don’t think the LED display is adjustable. Ours isn’t. The only thing displayed is the clock and/or channel number.  Since the box is in your bedroom I assume you have an alarm clock for time and with modern guides you really don’t need the channel number, so why not use a low tech solution?  Put a piece of black electrical tape over it. Or, if you feel you really need the display find some tinted plastic, like from a cheap pair of kids sunglasses, and glue it over the display. Just don’t cover the receiver for the remote. Better than going through all the trouble of changing providers. 

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Re: TV box light too bright when off

One suggestion I have seen is to use a piece of colored cellophane and double sided 



Not sure if that will work for you but its an idea. 



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