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Reminder Function

Why have you taken away the reminder function. It was so easy to find the show I wanted to watch and just set a reminder from the menu. Please bring this back!

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Re: Reminder Function


We do still have reminder function. What box are you using? 


On most boxes you would click settings then reminder timers.



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Another broken Reminders post

There seems to be no shortage of reports on this but in the hopes someone at Spectrum will acknowlege it I'll post my report as well.

In a nutshell, recurring reminders don't work and they were broken before the Spectrum takeover (for good or bad) and they are broken in the code of the program guide, independent of the hardware, based on my experience. I've had 3 different boxes and cold rebooted many times. This bug survived the Big Migration from TW to Spectrum and has been reported to our local office and to support folk online. The recurring reminder works once after a reboot (mostly.. some don't... or one does and kills the rest).


And about this reminder function, in case it's going to be fixed I'd also like to suggest making recurring reminder creation part of the actual Guide grid, in addition to  being buried under "Settings" and "Timers".


Thank you