Reboot box DCX3200-M

I have two DCX3200-M boxes.  It takes over 10 minuets to reboot.    A lot of channels come up blank that is in my plan.  Late at night the guide has a lot of channels as no information available.   


One of the boxes about each week has to be rebooted because the video and audio on all channels are scrambled.   



Spectrum Employee

Re: Reboot box DCX3200-M

You need a technician visit. Pixelating signal on several channels and long boot time are hard indicators that your signal is impaired and in need of repair. Some of the things that a technican will need to check are:


  • Check the drop line, Aerial or Underground, for the presence of water damage in the connectors or in the cable itself.
    • If underground, check the drop loss and signal loss for the cable to ensure it hasn't been damaged by any digging done by you or other people around the cable that has caused a fault.
  • Check the connectors/Splitters in the Telecrafter Box outside your home or in the Smart Home Panel/On-Q panel inside your home.
    • Not all homes have a Smart Box, and they go by many names including Smart Panel, Home directors panel, Smart Box, Cable wiring closet, etc. You'll typically know as the homeowner as this is the box that many people have been installing services before for you.
  • Check the splitter arraingment and elminate any unused wiring that you currently do not have hooked up.
    • Spectrum equipment must have high enough signals to work. If you have 9 outlets hooked up and are only paying for 3 tv's the rest need to be disconnected. Spectrum's services are all digital and the activation of lines that are not in use is discouraged for this reason.
  • Check for any faults behind wallplates.
    • This is a typically overlooked issue that needs to be addressed sometimes. Contractors, builders or old technicans who installed decades ago used techniques and equipment that is FAR past outdated and will need to be replaced entirely. 
  • Check the signal coming from the tap itself.
    • While this is the first thing a technician should do, on this list it's fairly low to the bottom due to this is going to be more of an area issue, and would be impacting many other customers other than just yourself if the issue is widespread enough. Though, it is possible especially with storm damage and lightning like we are getting in prime thunderstorm season of summer.

These are some of the common things you will need to look at. And be sure to check the diagnostics page of your cable box at Settings > Diagnostics > Box Diagnostics and look at your FDC/RDC levels as well as any Corrected and Uncorrected Errors. These numbers will tell us how bad the signals are, and what they need to be corrected to.


More on Pixelation here -

Pixelation will generall occur when FDC is outside the range of +/- 13 Dbmv. Thsi should show up as red numbering on your television in the diagnostics menu. Also, Uncorrected errors should stay at 0.

More on Errors here -


Not all Errors are made equal. The way signals enter the home, is distributed over a wide range of frequencies. You will see pixelation on one station, but the neighboring station may be perfectly fine.

The Frequency associated with the individual signals and issues you have seen will be impacted, and the uncorrected error rate should be high, +1000 or +10000 errors will typically begin to show signs of visual and audio distortion.

I post on my off hours, away from work and any statements made are my opinions, and do not necessarily reflect the views and beliefs of Spectrum Communications.