RC122 Remote Volume Lock to Aux

I just got the RC122 remotes.  The instructions don't tell you anything other than how to get the codes in for the different devices.  I found some info on here to get the power button to control multiple devices, which is great.


I cannot find anything about how to lock the volume so that it will use the Aux volume when in Cbl mode.  How can I do this?

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Re: RC122 Remote Volume Lock to Aux

By default, the volume control is programmed to operate the TV. Follow these steps if you want to use your audio device to control the volume rather than the TV.

1. Press and hold SELECT/OK and CBL key until all device keys blink twice.

2. Press 993. The CBL key blinks twice.

3. Press the AUX key. All device keys blink three times.

Note: You can set Volume Control back to TV. Follow the same process as mentioned above but just press the TV key in Step 3. 




Found by going to twc.com, mouse over Support, and under the TV section is "Program your remote". Pick the RC122 and away you go Smiley Happy

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Re: RC122 Remote Volume Lock to Aux

You'de follow the same instructions as locking volume to tv, except press the aux button instead of TV in the instructions



Re: RC122 Remote Volume Lock to Aux

What are the codes to lock other buttons like source selection to AUX?


Re: RC122 Remote Volume Lock to Aux

See if there's instructions for that remote at the UEI website...


You should be able to press the aux and the source or input buttion in the proper places with the 99x code to alter a single keys device

Replace vol & TV with input & aux

The aux must control the device for a start.


It's easier for sound bars to use the ARC hdmi connection for routing thru the TV.