Questions about recording a series

This is a two part question.

1. When recording a series I have the option to save a predetermined amount of episodes before new ones replace the old ones. For a particular show, I am saving 7 at a time. I found there are certain episodes that I like, so I mark them as do not delete. I notice however, that I don't get 7 new episodes now. It is 6  new episodes + 1 do not delete. I have marked a few episodes so now I am more like 3 new episodes + 4 do not delete. If I mark 7 episodes there will be no new episodes. You can probably see the frustration here. Is there a way to pull the do not delete episodes out of the count so I can keep getting new episodes?


2. Another thing I noticed is if a tv show is carried on multiple networks there is a convenient way to record all networks or only one network. If I want to select and choose, it involves a tricky process of going through the guide. Are there ways to conveniently choose which networks to record from the recording option screen? Maybe even a way to record a specific time slot?


Re: Questions about recording a series

When I use the phrase new episodes, that refers to brand new episodes and repeat episodes that have just been recorded. Do not delete episodes are episodes that have already been recorded and are sitting on the DVR.

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Re: Questions about recording a series

#1 No.  you will need to change it to keep all.

#2 This is a "maybe" answer".  i would have to play with it with the current DVR firmware since it keeps changing.  When you set-up a series, you used to be able to say record "just this channel" or "on any channel" type of choices in the series options.  Not sure if still there.