Power Saver Mode

After at least 4 hours my cable receiver will go into Power Saver Mode and the screen saver is eventually activated. I have checked the timer under settings and the Power Saver Mode is off. What gives?

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Re: Power Saver Mode

Could be a quicker resolution if you mentioned the make and model of your cable receiver and your viewing device, along with your ZIP code.  When you refer to a screen saver activating, are you viewing this event on a PCor game console,  or on a 'normal' HDTV set?  Can you determine if the screen saver is part of the set-top cable box or in the viewing device?

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Re: Power Saver Mode

Hi Buster,


 Where are you located? What is the make and model of your cable box? What is the channel that you have on during this four hour period? This sounds like an SDV, switched digital video issue.  SDV is a process where cable companies put channels, like the smaller sub channels on SDV to save bandwidth and to add more channels.  The bandwidth is than shared and when someone in your node tunes to that channel another slot gets filled concerning viewership.


If an SDV channel is on for four hours and a ton of people are watching that SDV channel, you might get a message after four hours on that same channel that, "Your cable box will shut off in "x" minutes.  With a" press (key) to continue". If you don't, the box shuts off at that time. SDV channels can over-ride the box power settings.  This usually only happens on sub channels, but not major networks and ONLY on SDV assigned channels that have that kind of limited bandwidth.


A major network won't have this problem.  A cable system node that does not use SDV programing technology also will not have this problem. To work around this:


  • Switch to some big network channel like ABC, FOX, CBS and those shouldn't be SDV. (The four hour thing won't make a difference.)
  • Or change channels at some point during the four hour period if it's an SDV channel.


There is concern that if you find that ALL channels are showing the screensaver and the box is shutting off after four hours, that's not SDV related, and you would need to set up a service call for a signal and  drop line test.


You would need to avoid rebooting any boxes, modems, our routers for six hours prior to your service call to do this test.  Reboots reset the signal error codes to zero and the tech needs to get an accurate reading of those error codes.  Swapped equipment never solves bad signal problems.


Let us know what happens with this,