Phillips RC 122 Remote

We have Roku. 

This remote press TV power to turn on

Press CBL Power cable box light on

Go to Roku

Press video source button

choose HDML3 for Roku

When we are done with Roku, I press video source button, and no drop down, or a weird channel selection appears, I select, and my remote no longer works?

Can't change channels, no volume control etc.

Spectrum says, they do not send out tech's to reprogram remotes?

So, we watch Roku, and not watch our 100 other regular channels?


Spectrum Employee

Re: Phillips RC 122 Remote

The video source option on the universal remotes does not necessarily work for all TV brands/models. From what it sounds like though, you still had the CBL option selected, which only sends signals to the cable box. You would need to press the TV button on the remote to send signals to the TV, to attempt to change the video source. And it is correct that we do not send a service technician to reprogram the remote. The remotes are automatically designed to control the box, which is the only necessary function of the remote. You can get a service technician to come reprogram the remote for a $34.99 Professional Home Visit, but hopefully the information I provided will assist in correcting your problem. When it comes to video source changing though, I never rely on my TWC/Spectrum remote, I use the remote that comes with the TV.

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