PIP is Gone?

I have reviewed a number of posts on this topic, but none were definitive. So I thought I would share my experience.


I was going to leave TWC after a recent rate increase.  When I called to disconnect, they presented a better offer, so I agreed to stay.  As part of this new package, they offered to "upgrade" my whole home DVR from the 2 tuner model that I had to a 6 tuner model.


Last Friday, they installed a Cisco 9865 hdc DVR.  It works, but it does not have PIP (picture-in-picture).  I have had a whole home DVR for 4 years with 2 different DVRs over that time, both of which had PIP.  Thinking this was some minor issue that could be corrected, I contacted the online chat, who was unable to help and sent out a service rep today.  He explained that the Cisco 9865 hdc DVR did not support PIP.  Having read another post on this forum after my chat session, I was disappointed, but not too surprised to learn this.  In retrospect, I don't know why the online rep did not inform me of this, since I provided him both the DVR model and serial number.  The service call was a waste of time, for both me and the service rep.


But this is where things get interesting.  According to the service rep who came out, there are no 6 tuner DVRs that support PIP.  And I cannot get a 2 tuner DVR with PIP back without MY BILL GOING BACK UP!!!!  I would not have accepted the "upgrade" (which is a downgrade in my opinion) if they had let me know PIP was no longer supported.  And I cannot get a 2 tuner model back with a price increase.  WOW. The service rep was very nice and professional, but TWC's policy is just bizzare.  


The irony here, of course, is that I received the "upgraded" DVR as part of an attempt by TWC to retain me as a customer and I am more unhappy with TWC than ever.  (Note that this issue is in addition to the repeated price increases and recent outages, and the automated price increase I will get 12 months from now.)


So, if I want a DVR with PIP, 6 tuner and more than 150 hours of storage, I have to do what my neighbors have all done.....get satellite.




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can your tv do pip?-

 If so and it's a smart tv, run an ethernet cable to it and use TWCTV for the second program source. The picture quality may be better because it's not compressed as much



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I have already considered this and it is not a viable solution.  The  number of channels is limited without the DVR.  Premium channels such as HBO will not display.  And PIP for most TVs are designed for single source, two tunners, not multiple sources.


There is no logical reason that TWC removed this feature from DVRs.  The only solution is change companies.



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My EXACT scenario. Also upset