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i would go into a your local store and see if they have any 6 tuners in stock and swap that thing out!!!
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Re: New Customer - World Box Questions

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i have the arris DCX3600-M with the i guide @Satch 



The Arris DCX3600-M is a six-tuner box IF you have ODN-Navigator on it.  The Humax/Technicolor World Boxes run the new Spectrum Guide and have four tuners, but no clock.  I would try to get a DCX-3600 M, the Arris from the store. It will have ODN Navigator on it, which is a newer guide, be MUCH faster, and you will be able to use the six tuners in the box.  With IGuide, you can't.  You can also ask about another great six-tuner DVR, the Cisco 9865.  I have it and love this box!


I Guide is really old.  You might also get a box with Spectrum Guide on it if you get the World Box.  Spectrum Guide has some bugs but it's getting better.  Note that World Box DVR's are four-tuners and no clock, but the same storage space as the six-tuner models.  Also, if you have Spectrum Phone Service, Caller ID on TV is not out yet on Spectrum Guide.


In either case, it will be a huge upgrade from I-Guide,  Generally, I recommend not swapping boxes, if you have no problems.  But here's the thing, you are sitting there with a capable and ready six tuner model DVR, and you can't record with six tuners, because it is running I-Guide.  Let us know what you choose to do about this.






Re: New Customer - World Box Questions

The other bugs I've encountered is the DVR or Guide is unavailable messages with a 4 digit code, usually 0000 or another sequence.  Hitting "ok" and then selecting DVR or Guide usually solves it.  Are these ongoing bugs fro the new guide and world boxes?  I hope Spectrum doesn't drag their feet in fixing this stuff.   Other than that, it seems to be working pretty well.