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Install New Smart TV

I would like to innstall a new Smart TV (probably a Samsung) in my bedroom. There is an 

inet connection. I should be able to install TWC (Spectrum) TV app. What devices do I need to get all of Spectrum's TV features? A cable modem?

I have a modem and set top box in my living room. Can I use Wi-Fi.


Any direction would be appreciated.





Re: Install New Smart TV

Supposedly the 2017 Samsungs don't support the AP...

Try wireless but I recomend ethernet, it's one less problem. It needs to go to your TWC/ Spectrum modem, not a second modem.


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Re: Install New Smart TV

The Spectrum App also runs on Rokus.  Many of them are less than $50, but the Rokus with hard-wired ethernet ports are just under $100.  


The app does live TV, plus some on-demand.  I do not believe it supports PPV.


The Roku will work with any HDTV, and thus is more portable.


You will need to be a video subscriber and internet subscriber to use the App.  It will only work (fully) on your home LAN.