I'd like to replace my DTAs, but with what?

Hi,  Just finished a "live chat" w/ TWC and was elated to hear we could avoid the $1.50 charge per digital adapter by buying our own equipment.  TWC employee refered me to a link where I could find TWC-approved choices and he claimed that TIVO and MoXi had "boxes" that were small like our current DTAs.  Went to the link and found nothing relevant.  


Let me start over here.  We have one "set top" cable box we use w/ own main TV.  Happy w/ that.  Because at the time we remodeled we could watch smaller TVs free from just the cable, we went wild and went with 5 small/accessory TVs - 4 of them being wall-mounted.  We wanted a clean installaton with no cumbersome ugly boxes showing.  Then entered the DTAs.  We got our 5 DTAs and installed them so they don't show which, in some cases, wasn't easy.  Now we're being charged 5 x $1.50/mo. ($7.50/mo)  for TVs that used to be free ... and some we haven't turned on for months (or maybe a year!).  None of the TVs have slots for cable cards.  Are there any SMALL "boxes" approved by TWC which we can purchase to substitute for the small TWC "digital adapters"?  We tried using the TWC app but it was unreliable and it was cumbersome to use two remotes.  One of the TVs we have on a digital adapter is an old CRT in a closet - it doesn't even have a place to use a Roku for the TWC app.  As in the case of the small flat screens we wall-mounted, we purchased TV's that were "digital ready" thinking we'd avoid issues down the road.  I resent TWC nickel and diming us at every opportunity.  I have a feeling that the $1.50 charge will creep up and before we know it, we'll be paying even more for TVs we, in some cases, barely watch.  Thanks for any suggestions!    


Re: I'd like to replace my DTAs, but with what?

nope, nope, nope and $2.75 or more per DTA...


Price out the cheap Tivo Bolt. You still need to rent cablecards for each one. Maybe TA's as well

No savings.


If the Tv's are Smart ones, run cat 5 to them and a ethernet switch and use the ap

 Some allow DLNA and I think there's a SD box that allows DLNA streaming, it needs a cablecard and probably a Tuning Adapter as well



Or wait for the FCC's action to allow COAM cable boxes and DTA's...


 Since I doubt you watch all the Tv's at once , use one DTA to drive them all..., and install an amplifier and antenna to puick up on air Local bdigital broadcasts. What's your zip code?





Re: I'd like to replace my DTAs, but with what?

No, they really are charging us $1.50 per digital adapter ... or $7.50/month.  I think it depends on where you live.  My zip is 93012.


My TVs aren't smart (and neither am I, about this technical stuff).


We tried using a Roku stick and the TWC app on a couple TVs, but you have to wait for it to load, it's more difficult to change channels and the signal is such that the resoluton isn't super great, plus you have to use 2 remotes.  Just didn't seem worth it.


We're not supposed to put antennas on our houses where we live.  


I doubt there's a viable solution .... I just don't understand the TWC employee who told me we could buy our own equipment to replace the digital adapters (Tivo and Moxi) and that they were about the same size as the digital adapters.  

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Re: I'd like to replace my DTAs, but with what?

MsRaye is mainly saying even if you could get even a free usable box that would work, you would need a cablecard to "decode" and they cost as much (really more) than the DTA.  Some exernal boxes require a DTA instead of a cablecard (therefore same "rent" cost).


So, you can't win with another option.  I too was happy with basic cable on the extra digital ready TV with coax.  At least my DTA is still free.




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DTA rental is either 2.75 or 3.25 after the first year.   They are basicly a stripped out cable box with an internal cablecard. Many were free for the first year.


 Slow programming on a smart TV maybe  from trying to use wireless rather than ethernet.


Wireless and wifi is for coffee shops and restaurants, not quality home installs, lol.


Re: I'd like to replace my DTAs, but with what?

OK, I did get a response from TWC via email that was in direct opposition to what I was told on the "live chat".  This answers my question:  


"Time Warner Cable has converted to an all-digital TV signal to deliver to you the clearest picture and
best sound quality possible. Unfortunately, Digital Adapters can not be purchased. You do have the
option of purchasing your own Set-Top boxes such as TiVos and Moxi boxes. Samsung also offers a
Set-Top box for purchase. These are CableCARD devices that would still require the rental of a
CableCARD to get channels beyond ABC, CBS, NBC, etc... I would also suggest that these CableCARD
boxes such as a TiVo are not as small as a Digital Adapter. At this time the CableCARD lease fee is
$2.50 which is more than the Digital Adapters. If you are not satisfied with the service that the
streaming devices such as Roku offer, than I would suggest that the Digital Adapters are the only
real option."


OK - and so we're not impressed with the quality of the picture and the ease of operating the Roku for secondary TVs, so it seems we are STUCK with leasing the digital adapters from TWC.  I am not happy about this.  $7.50 a month for 5 TVs, only 2 of which we watch with any frequency at all.  Not related, but also not please that my taxes and fees went from $9-something to $15-something.  The $8.75 broadcasting and sports fee is a killer.    


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DTA's are no better than your Tivo. They're both picking off the same compressed stream from TWC

They're just a heck of a lot cheaper.

 Next issue, Yes they can deliver a better picture than analog NTSC provided they are on 720 or 1080 channels.

 But they will only have the same quality as a cable qam direct connected tv. It's still the same stream...