Guide not working

I'm a new customer and we constantly have errors with the guide not working and same with the DVR. Not very impressed with the TV service so far! Zip is 45052.

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Re: Guide not working

I am sorry to hear you are having problems.


Do you have Internet service with us? If so taking a look at your modem

signal levels and logs might give us the answer. We see these issues 

when there are issues with the signal levels.


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Re: Guide not working

I would reset the box if i were you sometime these issues with signals have to with syncing cause of the line signal changes due to climate conditions . Weather affects the signals so it affects the sync communications . So to do this unplug reciever from wall for about 10 secs and plug it back it in. This fixes freezes , guides , checkboarding . Signals are affect by weather conditions so they affect the syncing your boxes does with signal . When box gets out of sync you have to 


Do a sync reset 

uplug for 10 secs 

plug in reciever