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Getting UR5U-8780L Remote Buttons To Work

I just installed Spectrum. It came with a UR5U-8780L Remote. I successfully programmed the AUX button to control my Sony amplifier (I feed the TV audio through my amp to my speakers).  I can power up/down and control the volume setting.  However, in order to get the amp to select the TV audio input I have to push a number button that corresponds to the TV input.


The problem is that in AUX mode, the UR5U-8780L Remote doesn't transmit anything when I push a number button - the red light under the AUX button doesn't even light up!


How do I get the UR5U-8780L Remote to activate the number buttons in AUX mode?



Re: Getting UR5U-8780L Remote Buttons To Work

Once upon a time I had the exact same setup and the number buttons on the remote would change the input selection on the amp when in AUX mode (in my case number 7 corresponded to the TV input which was my active input). A couple of suggestions:


1) If there is more than one code for Sony amps, try all of them. Some codes may work only for power and volume but not anything else, while other codes may give you all options.

2) Have you thought about using ARC control? This is what I use now and I wish I had started using it years ago.

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Re: Getting UR5U-8780L Remote Buttons To Work

Thanks for the suggestions.  Yes, I've tried all 11 of the Sony three digit code listed in the remote manual.  Most didn't work at all.  just for grins, I also tried the Sony codes for other equipment like VCR, DVD, etc., in the hope that those configurations would activate the number buttons.  None of those codes worked.


I'm not familiar with ARC control, so I looked it up.  From what I read, I have to have a HDMI input on my amp for it to work.  Sadly, my amp predates the invention of HDMI.