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Re: Experiencing a DVR record issue.

@Chris_l wrote:

Thank you for your response.   

The DVR has been refreshed many times and also rebooted several times.  The technician who visited our house checked signal strength and connections.  All were just fine.  The recommendation then was to replace the DVR.  I likely will have to do this but will lose all programming and shows residing on the DVR.  Ugh!   Went through this last year and it is a PITA.  

My questions were and still are:

1)  Are there issues upstream of us?  The technician told me that problems had occurred that might have affected us.

2)  Is Spectrum's work to move to on-demand services affecting me/us?   I noticed that my recording schedule is now accessible via the web.  This sort of work on Spectrum's part tells me that changes in how services are delivered/managed is changing.  A Spectrum service rep confirmed that this was occurring but said it should not affect my service.  Having been in IT for 30+ years, I know how big changes can affect users downstream.


Bigger Spectrum moving away from DVR services and strictly to on-demand?


Having said all this, I'd really like answers to my questions above before I swap out DVRs once again.



Hello all,


Here are general answers to questions about the DVR:


If your picture is pixilating, loss of channels, On Demand issues- This is almost never a box issue and almost always a signal or drop line issue.  This could be a problem with the drop line, the tap, your junction box down the street, an issue with a bad tap.  In this case, avoid rebooting any boxes, modems or routers for six hours before a tech visit.  Doing so will reset the error codes back to zero and the tech needs to see the error codes.


A NEW OR SWAPPED BOX WILL NEVER, EVER SOLVE BAD SIGNALS, DROP LINE PROBLEMS, OR WIRING PROBLEMS!  This mandates that the wiring or drop line be replaced.  It could be that, it could be the tap, it could be the junction box on your street.


DON'T OVER-REBOOT-This puts a strain on the box, in addition to resetting the error codes that the tech needs to see.  This is also true for modems and routers as well as boxes.  If you have bad signals, a reboot will only temporarily resolve things.  But the problems will come back unless the wiring, drop, or tap issue causing the problem is replaced.  If two reboots AT THE MOST are not fixing things, something else is wrong.  You should be able to go for months without rebooting if lines, signals, and wiring are good.


When might I need a new box?

  • The box makes a clicking or loud humming sound indicating a hard drive failure may be happening.
  • The box constantly reboots.  (Only if your signals are REALLY HORRIBLE would this be a signal issue.)
  • The box is really super slow and signals and lines are good.
  • You have an old SA-model box or Motorola box that is going on ten to fifteen years old, and want a box with more storage (if you have DVR service, a more modern interface, and a faster response time to remote commands.)
  • Your box does not boot up at all.


The Cloud Technology- Yes, Spectrum is moving to cloud-based services where more DVR functions will be in the cloud and come off of the cloud.  Long term goal is to store shows, series, movies and settings in the cloud, so that they will be pinned to your account and should you need to swap a box, your shows and settings will be intact.  The boxes will be doing less work in the future, as more and more features and settings move to Spectrum's network servers.  On Demand will not replace DVR programs per se, even though On Demand is an important adaptation to the cloud-based technology.