Equipment return question

I recently canceled my TV.  I was told I would need to return equipment I was using to a local Spectrum store. I live about 2 hours away and read on the site that a mail in option exists? I'd perfer to mail it instead of driving two hours just to drop it off. I called the support number but it just tells me to find a local store. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.

Spectrum Employee

Re: Equipment return question

"it just tells me"

Um no, you need to call and communicate with an actual person, who'd then setup a return-shipment kit to workorder for you.  That workorder gets processed by the same 3rd party group that does EZ Connect mailout stuff.  When the kit arrives, you then put the equipment in the packaging kit and adhere the FedEx/UPS return label provided in the kit onto the packaging. The advantage of the store return is that you can get immediate physical confirmation (obviously right?) and a printed receipt.


...At least that's how I've observed the mail "EZ connect return" process has worked. 

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