Recorded programs i cannot get to ff through the commercials got a new remote and still will not ff
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Restarting the cable box usually resolves most issues.   If the issue persists,  we encourage you to contact our Social Media Customer Care team for direct assistance:


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Re: Dvr

Recorded programs i cannot get to ff through the commercials got a new remote and still will not ff

What's up Panther?


To begin.  Make sure that you are not confusing recording and playback on your DVR with Video on Demand.  Remember the following:


1.) Free Video on Demand- offers free selections of past and new shows that many times CANNOT BE FAST-FORWARDED.  This is because the host station (not Spectrum) has mandated that in order for the station to get advertising revenue, commercials can not be fast-forwarded.  Series and movies are available through free On Demand.  If you subscribe to the base channel in your package, you will get the On Demand equivalent channel as a part of your package,


2.) Premium on Demand-  If you have any premium channels, (commercial free movie channels in your package, like HBO or Showtime) you will get the corresponding On Demand channels included.  You can fast-forward, pause and rewind through any of those On Demand Shows.


3.) Movies On Demand- Is typically a one-time Pay-Per-View purchase of a movie, averaging about $6.00 per movie.  Prices range from $2.99 for old classic films to $9.99 for new same day DVD releases.  Movies can be fast-forwarded accordingly.  They are available generally from 24-48 hours.  Review the purchase price on the screen before ordering.




If you have a DVR- (The above conditions must not apply for fast-forward to work.)  In other words, you can't do these steps with any On Demand Channels.


1.) You will need to record a show completely and play it back.  Do that for us.  Can you fast-forward through the show on playback?  If you can, the DVR is working as it should.


2.) If you have done step #1 exactly, and your DVR is not fast-forwarding, the next thing to do would be to power-off the box for about one minute, than plug the box back in, allowing it to reboot.  Now, find a fully recorded show to play back and try to fast-forward the content.


3.) If you have done step #2 exactly, and still can't fast-forward, Call Spectrum, say that your DVR is not fast-forwarding and have them reathorize the DVR to your account.  Wait for about 30 minutes.  Record a show completely and play back the show,  Can you now fast-forward?


4.) If you are still having fast forward problems after completing step 3, you will need to contact Spectrum to arrange for a service call.  We will than need to set up a signal and drop line test.  Avoid rebooting any equipment for six hours prior to this call.  Your signals and drop line need to be checked, and a reboot will reset the error codes.  A swapped box will not solve poor signal levels, which may be causing problems with fast-forwarding.  If the signals and drop line are good, the tech will need to replace the box.


Post back so we can see how you are doing with this.