Documentation for using remote RC122

Where can I get complete documentation for using the RC122 remote and controlling all the functions provided by it?


I've been forced to switch to All Digital, even though I was perfectly happy with the prior service. I connected the Spectrum digital box but the only pronted documentation that was provided showed how to "link" the remote wiyth my TV, so that the remote could control the Mute and Volume functions. But there's nothing provided that explains how the dozens of various function are controlled via the Remote.

So, where's the documentation?

And I don't mean flipping through web pages on the SPectrum web site, trying to figure out what to click on the find ythe info I need for each of the functions. I mean a comprehensive, single doucment that explains it all.


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There is none, no 2 different mfg's codes are the same with what they do other than the volume and power.  Unknown if any other functions will... That's why it's universal....

If you have a Vizio, or any smart tv, you need to use the vizio/ mfg's remote. 

 Since you have basic service, none of the DVR buttons on the bottom work.

 The rest is pretty much self explanitory.



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NO,  it's NOT self-explanatory.  This remote was provided by Spectrum along with the new cable box that I now am required to use since Spectrum went all-digital.  The customer shouldn't have to go searching around the Internet to find a user manual for the remote. SPECTRUM should provide it. How the Hell does Spectrum expect us to know how to use it??

I had a different remote for my Oceanic Time-Warner service and it worked just fine. Now that SPectrum has taken over and sent me a DIFFERENT remote to use it's THEIR reponsibility to assure that a guide is provided for how to use it.


This is just utterly horrible service by Spectrum. hundreds of thousands of Oceanic customers here in Hawaii were forced over to Spectrum and now are left with systems that are impossible to figure out.

PLUS there seems to be no way to actually contact Spectrum kitself to complain.

Spectrum Employee

Re: Documentation for using remote RC122


This link contains all of the information that we have available for that remote, including the user manual. I hope that it contains the information you are looking for - but if you have any specific questions about the remote and its functions, we'll be glad to answer those.


As for contacting us: we are available online at, and our contact information can be found at if you would like to speak to a representative.

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Is there a hard copy manual that can be read without 200 power magnification?

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That document is nearly useless.  The ONLY thing it explains is how to link the remote to your specific TV.  It does NOT explain how to use all the various functions on the remote and it does NOT provide any explanation of how you interact with the information displayed on the TV by Spectrum.

The customer should NOT have to go to the Spectrum Web SIte and "speak with a reporesentative for each and every question he has.

As a simple example,  before Spectrum took over Oceanic TIme/Warner Cable the only channels that were accessible via the channel up/down buttons were those that were part of the package that I subscribed to. Not so with Spectru. Now every single one of the nearly 2,000 channels are shown, with the man, many channels that are not part of my package showing up as "Please contact Spectrum to receive this channel".  But I DON'T WANT that channel and don't want to have to click through it, and dozens of others, when simply clicking through the channels. And apparently there's no way to stop those undesired channels from appearing in the sequence.

And there's many,  many other problems with how it all works.  When I'm looking through the options for OnDemand listings,  why doesn't it have a way to ONLY see the free ones? And even with the free ones it often happens that when I select it,  it THEN tells me that I'm not suscribed to the channel that probvides that "free" one, meaning I'd have to PAY for that channel (more likely pay for a PACKAGE that includes that channel) before I can watch that "free" program. So why is there no option or listing of just the free programs that I can actually view with my current package?

Its all just incredibly frustrating.

My career was as a computer user-interface design specialist, and I can tell you, Spectrum TV and Spectrum's website are horribly, horribly designed.


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Ok, that is a common complaint... the guide  to a specific cable box sucks ... it IS NOT A REMOTE ISSUE!

The same with the watch spectrum now ap...

You don't need a remote instruction sheet as it's in the cable box where there are issues...

What model box is it? The one without a clock?

This one of the solutions but only for one type of box/ one version guide...

"To view only the channels in your package, press Guide twice and move the filter to Subscribed.  This works for channels in the Time Grid only.  Unfortunately, not the up/down buttons."

 It is not a remote issue as those are universal remotes. It is a box-firmware-guide issue.

 Good luck complaining to the arrogant folks at Gracenote-tribune media svc's about the guide, it's awfull.


 And if you hold down the CTRL key and use the mouse wheel  you can zoom text up to readable and should be able to print it at least on Win XP and newer CPU's....