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Re: Dcx3400m lost features


ThanK you again.

i used to have the I-guide, the new box has the on-screen guide.

i had found all the things you pointed out.

i can not find the things I used A LOT on my i-guide.

looks like they are not available.

i used the press guide twice all the time to swap rows and columns in the guide.

That is the easiest way to see what is showing when on a selected channel. No matter how long a show is on it only occupies one row of the grid. So on NBCSN for example, I can quickly see which soccer games are on at what time. As these are 2hour events, scrolling horizontally through the 30 min guide takes for ever and you can only see one game at a time.

similarly, by searching for soccer on the i-guide (no keyboard needed)  I could see every soccer program that started on ANY program in 30 min increments.

also use the 30 second skip and 5 min skip a lot.

if you can just confirm that these are or are not available on the on-screen guide then I know whether to ask for my old boxes back or go buy a TiVo.


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Re: Dcx3400m lost features

Turns out that all the features I was missing in the new software really are missing.

after a week I was able to identify 6 important features in the I-Guide that are not implemented in the new (brain dead) on screen navigator.

i solved the problem by getting my old boxes with the I-guide back again.

hopefully, by the time they die, the new software will have improved. I don't really want a TiVo with the inevitable TiVo/TWC pass the buck game if I have a problem.

IMO the only reason to change the software must be licensing costs because it is NOT better.

Thanks again to everyone for their input.