DVR set top box lost recordings and settings

This is the second time this is happening to me and the rep tells me the same story. Last time, I lost access to my recordings, the rep said it was a set top box issue. After insisting that it was my settings that were messed up,  they re-authorized something and they showed up.


This time the rep are insisting that it is a hardware failure which makes no sense.  I am super frustrated talking to reps and their supervisors who don't understand what they are doing. They scheduled a technician to come out and swap boxes - I don't have the energy to argue over the phone with reps who are simply drones following a script. All I hear is repetition and sticking to a script. Some are downright rude.


Every time I get a new set top box, I lose all my recordings and all my scheduled recordings as well as all my series managers ( I have 42+ shows in the series manager).  Is TWC/Spectrum/Charter ever going to address this issue? What's the point of having recordings if lose them every time? Why can't this simple task be resolved? Does anyone care? There are many technical solutions to this problem, some systemic some straightforward. How about when the tech comes out, they carry a HD or thumb drive, copy the data from the old box to the new box?


I hear platitudes and placating remarks about how they are addressing things but I never see any progress. 


Re: DVR set top box lost recordings and settings

Try unplugging the power cord for 30 seconds.

Too much data on the HD to copy onto a thumbdrive, and what usually fails is the HD anyway.


DVR's are not designed for long term storage/archiving.