Re: DVR problems (DCX3600-M)

Speaking of TiVo, I'd love a TiVo setup. You can use TiVo with TWC. The issue is you can't get OnDemand functionality. That's the big issue with it. Charter apparently is offering or planning to offer TiVo now, so assuming the merger goes through, that's good. Comcast offers it. So it seems like it will be coming. TiVo is working on getting Roku like integration too. So that's good.

Re: DVR problems (DCX3600-M)

you can also use an hdmi to dvi adapter and a dvi to hdmi cable to strip off pin 13



Re: DVR problems (DCX3600-M)


Regarding issue:

"Pressing “Play” during playback of a recorded show doesn’t show the timeline (as you’d think it would, as it does with the DCX3400, as it does with the Tivo, and any other DVR equipment I've used before). Instead, it starts a slow-motion replay. In fact, NONE of the obvious buttons - rewind, forward, or pause - display the timeline, so you don’t know where you are in the timeline of a show. I can't tell how much time is left in a program I'm watching. This is totally bizarre and really hard to justify. How do I know if I started at the beginning of a recorded program? Did I start where I stopped watching last time? How much time remains in this program? Who knows? There is no way to tell."


From TWC service:

"Engineering will be sending that box a set of staging hits to refresh the box and I was told most of those issues will be resolved."


As promised, after rebooting the box by removing the power cable, waiting a few seconds and then inserting the plug again, the changes sent to my Arris box fixed the above issue.


Excellent work, TWC service!!


Re: DVR problems (DCX3600-M)

Please start a new thread rather than hijack an old one.

 Not sure what issues you had that were corrected, and yes, you must connect a cable device at the proper house/ node for it to work correctly, it may take 2 hours for it to download the proper info for your package and city, they Cannot be preloaded to work like satellite tv does since that's only a single source



Re: DVR problems (DCX3600-M)

I acquired the Lindy HDMI F/M CEC Less Adapter (No. 41232)  and plugged it into the back of my DCX3600-M then ran my HDMI cable from that to the TV.  My ARC / Anynet on my Samsung TV are working again!!