DVR Mix-up - How to re-register my DVR?

My DVR wouldn't boot.  Spectrum service tech came  and swapped the power supply -- ONLY the power supply, it's the same DVR I've had for 3 years -- that fixed the problem.  Still had my existing box with all my recordings, everything worked fine.


After he left,  he mistakenly registered me with Spectrum as having a new DVR (customer support confirmed)  so when I turned on my DVR a couple hours later there was a message to call Spectrum to activate service.


The problem is Spectrum now has my DVR's serial numbers & MAC addresses wrong -- they've got numbers of the new box (that I don't actually have), not the numbers of my existing box.  So when they send an activation signal it never reaches my DVR.


The solution should be easy:  I give them the numbers from my existing DVR, and they update their records and send the activation signal.  Wrong -- Spectrum reps say there's no record of my DVR in their database and no way to add it.  I talked with two reps, one phone & one  online Chat.  Their only conclusion was to get a new DVR. 


My current DVR works fine and has all my recordings.  How can there not be a way for them to enter it in their database and activate it, especially since it's been there for 3 years?  Certainly they add DVRs all the time.  How can they not add one they previously had?


I realize disks fail and recordings get lost.  I accept that.  But to have my DVR right there, with all my recordings, and Spectrum tell me I can't use it -- that's very frustrating.   Especially because it was their tech who caused the problem.


Is there any solution for this that saves my DVR?


Thanks for any suggestions.

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Re: DVR Mix-up - How to re-register my DVR?

The DVR is fine.  It will be fine.  It's the recordings which are on it that are at risk.


To that end, be aware that even if Spectrum can "reactivate" your DVR, it might "clean it out" and you'd lose the recordings anyway.


To that end, if you are willing to take the risk, call them again, and state your case.  Tell them the DVR you have has the following MAC and Serical Numbers...  When they say that it isn't tied to your account, tell them that it is in your house, and if it's not tied to an account, then what's the history on it / where is it now?


When they tell you that it is on some truck or in some warehouse, then maybe you'll get somewhere.  Tell them you don't have the box they say you do, and what good is flashing it going to do?   Have THEM provide you instruction how to get your DVR working.


If you can playback your shows, I suggest you run them out to tape or DVD post haste, as my gut tells me no matter what they do, your recordings will be lost once it is re-activated.


The tech who came to visit needed to bust open the box on a new DVR to get your new power supply, so when he did that, he probably needed to put a claim in on it for inventory purposes, so that is why he did what he did.


Hopefully you have a signed copy of the work order...  Maybe you can hand-carry your DVR to a local store and have them address the problem in person..


Good luck!



Re: DVR Mix-up - How to re-register my DVR?

Thanks. I'm encouraged that it may be possible to revive but there's no point if the recordings are lost - I'd be better with a new DVR.
However it may be harder to reactivate than you think. I gave all the serial & MAC numbers to both reps (phone & online) -- they said there's no record of that DVR anywhere in their system. Like it vanished completely. I double-checked the numbers with them, and both spent time supposedly looking for it, only to say it doesn't exist in their database. Makes no sense.
I've arranged for a service appointment Saturday afternoon. I don't have much hope for success but it's worth a try.
Thanks again.

Re: DVR Mix-up - How to re-register my DVR?

We have a successful resolution, although with a secondary problem.  


The service tech who came today called his office contact & gave her our actual DVR's serial numbers.  She said there was no such DVR in their system, the same as the phone support & Chat reps had said.  So the tech asked her to look in our records for the previous DVR they had listed for us.  It turned out that there was an error in the serial number of our DVR in their main database.  The number in their records for us was correct, but their master database had it wrong.  That's why the phone & chat reps couldn't find it.


This guy had her send an activation signal to the DVR listed in our records, and that activated it.   Significantly, all our recordings were retained and accessible.  Hooray!


There's a problem though --  the previous tech listed us as having a new DVR, and the one we've had all along is our active one, so Spectrum thinks we have 2 DVRs. 


The tech said he has no way to correct this.  He said if he removed the one we don't have from our records, he would be responsible for it, and of course he doesn't have it because the previous guy kept it.   This tech said there's no way to get in touch with the previous guy.  Apparently the first guy was a contractor and this one a Spectrum employee.  My guess is that there must be a way to get in touch with him but he just didn't want to bother.


I fear that eventually Spectrum will bill us for a second DVR that we've never had.  I don't know what to do about it.  I'll call them to explain the situation but the odds of them taking my word that we don't have the other DVR seem pretty slim.


Anyway the immediate problem was resolved.   I'm happy to have my recordings back.  But we're left with a secondary problem that we'll eventually have to deal with.