DVR Internet Connectivity

I have several DVR's:  Arris DCX3600, Arris DCX3510, and Spectrum 201-T.

Spectrum does not offer Whole House DVR service in my Austin, TX market.

However, I can connect several Arris DVR internet ports to a common internet switch.

The Arris DVR's share the display of all recorded programs.

Any Arris DVR can select and play any program from any other Arris DVR.

I previously had another brand DVR that also shared recordings with the above DVR's.

I cannot get the Spectrum 201-T to share anything with any other DVR.

Is there a way to get this DVR to communicate with the others over the internet?




Re: DVR Internet Connectivity

Sure, replace it with another Arris dvr.



Re: DVR Internet Connectivity

Thanks MsRaye,

The issue is:

Spectrum has started a concentrated effort in my market to replace DVR's with the 201-T according to several Spectrum store sales people and home support technicians. 

Most of these people actually have the Arris DCX3600 in their own homes.

(The Arris DCX3600 seems to do everything really well - except Whole House DVR)

I went to several Spectrum stores over a 50 mile area trying to find another Arris.

I finally came home today with a Cisco 9865 HDC DVR.  It works.


What I have learned:

Multiple DVR's connected to an Ethernet Switch with no changes to any settings,

no ethernet setup, and no connection between the switch and a network:

Arris DCX3600, Arris DCX3510, Cisco 9865HDC, and a Motorola DVR

all share viewing and playback of recorded programs.

Spectrum 201-T DVR shares nothing.