Re: DVR GUIDE: "ALL AIRTIMES" not showing all airtimes.

This is not an isolated incident.  I've been having the exact same problem as the OP since about the same time as this thread began (i.e., lack of details/entries on the Info screen unless it is the entry in All Airtimes, etc).  I've been searching online for others having this problem, and only just hit upon the right keywords to bring up this thread.


I have a Cisco 8742HDC DVR and a Samsung Set-top box SMT-H3362.  The set-top box was also exhibiting similar behavior in the Guide grid (naturally, it doesn't have the recording interface options for program Info, etc. for me to compare against the Cisco DVR).  I've cold booted the DVR (and set-top box, for that matter), no change in behavior.  I'm located in the San Fernando Valley (Los Angeles, CA).


It seems today that the behavior has improved and is almost back to normal.  Almost all the shows I checked now seem to have a complete list of entries in All Airtimes.  There's still one episode of one of my wife's recorded series that still exhibits the behavior, but all the other shows we usually watch seem to be ok.


Interestingly, the day before yesterday, things had changed (I suspect Spectrum was trying something to debug/workaround the problem).  When I'd hit the Info button (or the Select button) while a program was highlighted in the Grid or in the program list of the DVR Schedule, I'd get the clock-wise spinning dots (i.e., the wait indicator) for 7-8 seconds, then presumably after timing out, an old-style interface would come up (i.e., with "Select an Option" in blue font in the center top, followed by a center-justified list of options below it:  Record This Show, Record Show with Options, Series Options, All Showings, Set Reminder, Back to Guide" with a light blue background bar stretching most of the width of the screen to indicate the currently highlighted choice, slidebar trough on the right side of the screen to indicate progress through the list of options, and a "Press 'Sel' to choose" msg in the bottom center).  This is very different from the current interface which has similar, but different options listed on the left side of the screen.  My guess is that this old interface is the default if the DVR fails to successfully get the requested info from the server (hence the 7-8 delay I was seeing every time).  Aside from being the old interface, functionality was mostly intact, though the Search function (e.g., pressing the square Blue "B" button on the remote), was totally unusable.  It brought up a blank screen with just the blue-gray to black top-to-bottom gradient background screen with just the current time in the upper right corner.  Again, this behavior was being exhibited (to my knowledge) only on Tues, 8/29/2017; we are now back to the behavior the OP described, just in a limited list of programs (for me, just one episode that I could find among my list of shows).


Since the DVR can properly schedule and record the proper airing of an episode, regardless of whether it is the one listed in All Airtimes, I suspect that the problem has more to do with the interface than with the data (though the data was probably lacking something that the interface was assuming).  Being a software engineer with extensive experience on Unix/Linux OS, user interface and client-server applications, I've got some suspicions into what's likely going on and how to track it down.  Regardless, the interface should be more robust than the behavior it is demonstrating, from what is presumably some missing or perhaps corrupt data.  Fortunately though, it seems that Spectrum is cleaning things up so as to reduce/eliminate the number of instances of this problem.  Hopefully, it will soon be gone completely and for good.


Re: DVR GUIDE: "ALL AIRTIMES" not showing all airtimes.

WOOHOOOOO! Just checked dvr this eve and ALL AIRTIMES seem to be back to normal!!! Don't know how or why...hopefully this bug fix continues and is the same result for the others who posted with the similar experience. 8 )




Re: DVR GUIDE: "ALL AIRTIMES" not showing all airtimes.

Yes! Mine seems to be back to normal as well, knock on wood. Hope it stays this way, we should get a discount on our bills this month.