DTA HD271 Volume Problem

I picked up a Cisco DTA 271HD at my Spectrum office today. I installed and activated it. All is well EXCEPT that the max volume is way too low - barely audible.  With the TV Volume set all the way up (100) you need to be about one foot away from the TV to hear it.


I have rebooted,  swapped cables - all the usual. I attached the TV to another cable box & it's fine. My theory is that there is an internal DTA volume setting that is set very low.  I am using HTMI. I reset the audio to "factory defaults" but that was for the TV - not the DTA.


The remote that I have is a Spectrum universal (URSU-8780L). I can get to the DTA menu but I see nothing that gives me access to any internal DTA volume setting.


Should Tech Support be able to get to the internal volume setting remotely?


Idea?  Thx!


Re: DTA HD271 Volume Problem

I found a YouTube video which supports my theory of an internal DTA volume setting.


The problem is that the remote that I was given is not the same as the one in the video so I don't know how to get to the internal DTA menus.






Re: DTA HD271 Volume Problem

Try turning up the TV volume very high with the native TV remote and then use the DTA remote for volume and it should work at least that is how my DTA volume functions. I had the same volume issue you described when I got the DTA. 


Re: DTA HD271 Volume Problem

I do not have a DTA remote  - only a universal from Spectrum.  I can do some basic DTA functions with this universal but Volume is not one of them.


Re: DTA HD271 Volume Problem

I went to the Spectrum office today to get a STB to replace the DTA.  But I spotted a tech in the parking lot before entering & told him about my volume problem. He agreed with my analysis that the internal volume setting of the DTA was too low. He gave me a remote to control the DTA and told me to turn it all the way up and then throw it away.  With this remote I was able to get at the volume control of the DTA and I turned it way up (after lowering the TV's own volume). It worked perfectly.


It's too bad that neither CS person I spoke to on the phone could give me any help. It's also too bad that Spectrum doesn't supply remotes for this DTA when they issue it. That would be cheaper than sending someone to my house which is what they wanted to do.


Suggestions for Spectrum:

  1. make sure the internal volume setting for the DTA is set high before giving them to customers
  2. give customers a remote for the DTA and some instructions
  3. train the phone CS people to recognize  this problem & offer a solution

Parting Shot

While waiting in the Spectrum office I tried to use my smartphone but was having trouble getting an Internet connection. I figured it was my problem since the sign on the door advertised Free WiFi. But when I mentioned it to the woman who eventually helped me she told me that their WiFi didn't work. The cable company's own WiFi didn't work!  You can't make this stuff up.  This is what happens when you live someplace where there is no competition.