Cisco Digital Receiver Power-On Function Issue

 We would like the receiver to come on every night  at a specific time, along with the TV. There are several power-on options in the Device settings:


One particular day of the week-

Weekdays (Mon-Fri)-

Weekends (Sat-Sun)-

The correct option to have it come on every night would be Daily, but in that setting the box turns on every other night, not every night. On those alternate nights it has to be turned on manually. For now, we have it set for Weekdays. I turns on automatically Monday through Friday, and we have to turn it on manually on weekends. All the Cisco boxes are the same. I have brought this up to tech support twice, to no avail. If anyone from Spectrum who may have a clue is reading this, please check it out and post a reply.


Re: Cisco Digital Receiver Power-On Function Issue

There is no power savings in turning it off, all that does is power down the led display.

But, turning it on to a specifiv sdv channel does reset the 4 hour "are you still watching this channel" that SDV channels do to clear off subscribers and free up channels

If they can't fix this I suggest a smart- home automation remote that can do a schedule, those can also send a ch command ever couple hours to keep the "are you watching" timeout reset.


See if turning off CEC in the TV helps.





Re: Cisco Digital Receiver Power-On Function Issue

i should have mentioned that the TV has nothing to do with this. It has it's own power-on settings and is not getting its power from the digital receiver. The box has its own firmware settings, and the option to turn on every day is available, but not working properly. We always turn off the box along with the TV within a few hours, so the "are you watching" does not apply in this case. Our Cisco DVR has the exact same settings as the receivers, but the "Daily" setting turns the box on every day. I believe this problem in these receivers can be corrected with a simple firmware update.


Re: Cisco Digital Receiver Power-On Function Issue

Has anyone from Spectrum looked into this yet? The problem still exists in all of the Cisco boxes.

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Re: Cisco Digital Receiver Power-On Function Issue

We can certainly submit this for investigation.


We would encourage you to direct message us Forums_Help


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