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A, B and C buttons don't work on remote

We had our cable installed on Wednesday. On Thursday, I tried to use the On Demand system and noticed that the "C" button to go back doesn't work. So then I tried the A and B buttons as well and they don't work either.


I reset the set top box and reprogrammed the remote.  Neither thing worked. Then I chatted with someone online and they had me go pick up a new remote. That remote has the same issue. The A, B and C buttons don't work. Anyone else have this issue???? What finally resolved the problem??

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Re: A, B and C buttons don't work on remote

Which model remote (CLIKR5 is the most common) are we talking about, and which make & model set-top box (it'll usually say the model # on the front)?

I might know the answer to the question, but you need to get more specific please... rather than just "the set top box" and "the remote".  Since all they hand out now new is the 8790 CLIKR5 remote, and because of how you are describing the buttons, I'm almost certain that's the remote you mean.  But some boxes have different codes (i.e.: Pace v. Samsung v. Arris), and some of the older models (iGuide ones like the DCH6414) don't have the ability to do anything with the yellow triangle A, blue square B, red circle C, or green diamond D that you find on the CLIKR5 model remote.

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Re: A, B and C buttons don't work on remote

If you're using the Clickr5 remote, when you do go to the On Demand channel, that's just another channel in our lineup. On Demand looks like a menu but it is just another channel. So, when you hit C to return, it will go back to the original menu on On Demand. To go back to the channel you were watching, you're going to want to just hit the number of the channel you want to go to on your remote.

(For example to go to 8, hit the number 8 on the remote). 
The A B C buttons have different functions and wont do anything while just watching live tv. When you are searching in the TV guide or on the List when you hit the B square button it should bring up a search option to search by Actor or Actress name or movie/tv show title. 

If you're not using the Clickr5 remote I apologize for the long response, but like agentx5 said it is the most common remote. Hope I was able to give a little bit of insight on your issue!

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Re: A, B and C buttons don't work on remote

I do have the 8790 CLIKR5. The issue is the C button won't go "back" in the On Demand menu. So for instance, right now it's stuck on the "Prime Time" page. Since the C button isn't working, I can't navigate back to the main menu. I'm not trying to go "back" to a channel. I'm trying to go "back" in the On Demand menu. The guide that came with the remote says that to go to the previous screen, I need to use the C button. But the A, B and C buttons do nothing on my remote.


Is there something different I need to be doing?? As of now, the tech support team had me change out my remote. So I stood in line at the local office for an hour to get a new remote. Same issue. So I called tech support again. We reset the set top box and reprogrammed the remote. Nothing. Nor did they give me any hint about what I need to be doing to go "back" in the On Demand menu. They wanted to send the same remote but if it's the same remote, the problem will be the same. I just want to know how to go "back" in the On Demand menu.


P.S. The set top box is the Motorola HD Dual Tuner???

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Re: A, B and C buttons don't work on remote



What is the make and model of your cable box?


Also, look at the pictures I have attached.  The blue guide is called I-Guide and you mentioned that you have a Motorola box.  The black guide is known as Navigator, or simply "The Guide"  The Navigator guide runs on Scientific Atlanta (SA) model cable boxes, which are older legacy units as well as Cisco, Samsung, and Arris cable boxes, which are the newer units. 


The blue I-Guide runs on Motorola boxes, but Motorola boxes are older.  Most divisions run The new guide, which is the Navigator with the modern black interface.


If you have I-Guide- Unfortunately, I cannot help you as the A, B, and C functions are different for I-Guide than Navigator.   (Updated post-Just read the post from TWC Employee AgentX5 that they don't do anything.) The interface is different than Navigator.  The programing and searching on I-Guide is different.   If you have I-Guide, someone with the I-Guide needs to post how to go back to previous screens in On Demand.  (If that is possible.)


If you have Navigator-Try something for me. Go to your TV and turn it on and press the Guide button on the remote.  (The Guide Time Grid should show.)  Now press the B button for Search.  Don't concern yourself with On Demand at this point.  When you press the B button to search, an alphabetical keyboard should show on the screen. 


Now, with the keyboard showing on the screen, press C.  This SHOULD exit the on-screen graphics and return you to your TV show.  If that works, your search is working properly.


If the steps above still do nothing (With the black Navigator Guide) you may need to arrange to get your box swapped out as there could be something wrong with the box.   If that applies to you, get a tech out.  Do the following steps:


1.) Send a Private Message to @Forums_Help include the subject line "A, B, and C buttons don't work on remote.


2.) Give your name, address, phone number, and account information and mention that you have had the remote swapped out and you are having the same issues.  You will need to get a tech out to get the A, B, and C, buttons working.  A box swap is possible,


3.) Refer the TWC Forums Help team to this thread by copying and pasting this URL in your Private Message so that they can further assist. 


4.) The make and model of the box you have, and type of guide you have is very important to help in assisting with this issue.  On Demand functions and the A, B, and C functions vary depending on your box model and type of guide. 


Good luck!



index 2.jpgTWC/Spectrum- IGuideindex.jpgTWC/Spectrum Navigator Guide