iPhone 7+ on ATT

I am think about joining Spectrum Mobile. I currently am with ATT. I have a iPhone 7+. When I called and gave the IMEI number, I was told that it is not compatible but I can buy the same phone from Spectrum. What gives? 

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Re: iPhone 7+ on ATT

Iphone7+ phones are not all the same.  Your current iphone7+ is built to run on the AT&T network and probably cannot be unlocked and switched to a competing system.  Spectrum leases air time on Verizon's nationwide network.  Spectrum can sell you a similar iphone7 device built by Apple to run over Verizon's network instead of AT&T.  


Re: iPhone 7+ on ATT

Yes, there are two different versions of the iPhone 7 and 7+.  The ones sold by ATT and T-mobile are GSM only. The ones sold by Verizon, Sprint and US Cellular are CDMA( but also support GSM). Verizon's network is CDMA so your ATT GSM phone will not work with Spectrum which runs on the Verison network. Unfortunately this means if you switch to Spectrum you will need a new phone. 


Confusing information

I go to the opening pages for spectrum mobile website and I want to bring my own phone. It asks what service I currently have ... I answer - ATT.  It asks what phones - I have 2, both iPhones - one is a XS Max and the other is XR.  The page says both are accepted. So then the site asks for imei numbers. I enter both ... and am informed that both are unacceptable.

I am confused. Why the misinformation. Why the 2 answers. 

Perhaps Spectrum better redesign their webpage.


btw, I called in to sign up. Am told both phones are acceptable but when I give imei numbers - nope!


Is this indication of the service I would expect?