Why is call blocking limited to a mere 30 numbers?

Why is the call blocking and call accepting features limited to a mere 30 numbers?  I get SO MANY unwanted "sales" calls that I quickly filled up the 30 limit and then the rest can get through.  This is 2019.   A 3000 number limit would not take up any space what-so-ever on a modern day hard drive, for example.  This 30 number limit dates back to the 1990s as far as I know.  Why has it never been increased?  100 numbers even would help.  30 is just far too limited. 


It's not just Spectrum either.   My son's cable company phone has the same limit and it seems utterly arbitrary and carpricious at this point in time.  I had to switch to accepting only 30 to block all the other numbers.  Now I'm quickly approaching the 30 accepted limit and so it's the same in reverse, not to mention it blocks emergency services as well.  But that seems to be the only solution to almost unending daily robo, charity and sales calls that routinely ignore or get around the government's "Do Not Call List", which has only limited effectiveness.

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Re: Why is call blocking limited to a mere 30 numbers?



Spectrum has Nomorobo, which blocks calls from telemarketers and spammers after the first ring.  The number shows on your TV, if you have Cable TV and Caller ID on TV turned on.  The Nomorobo zaps the call after the first ring.  We have had it for three years with Spectrum, and I think at most TWO calls penatrated the system by being able to leave messages!


Calls regarding weather emergencies, doctor appointments, schools, are allowed through.  You need to first turn on Nomorrobo:


1.) Log in to My Services

2.) Go to Home Phone Settings

3.) Under "Peace and Quiet" turn on Nomorobo

4.) Say Yes to "Answer Anywhere" being activated, if prompted

5.) Save your changes.


Nomorobo is working when a caller can't leave a message after the first ring.  Sometimes, the phone needs to ring a second time for Nomorrobo to screen the call.  Make sure you don't pick up the phone till at least after the first ring, so that the call can be dropped if it is a Spammer, Robocall, or Telemarketer  It hangs up on all those types of calls!


If a known Robocaller is able to leave a message, you can report the call to Nomorobo at their website with a Nomorobo account. (Different than My Account at Spectrum.) or Follow Nomorobo on Twitter and give them the phone number that isn't being blocked so they can investigate.  I have only had to do this twice in the last three years!  It's that good!