VoiceZone and Apple Quiktime Requirement

The VoiceZone message playback and other audio features such as 'Listen to Call Blocking Message' require Apple Quiktime. However, QuickTime for Windows has been discontinued by Apple and has known critical security vulnerabilities. The Firefox browser - and possibly other browsers - block the QuickTime browser plugin . This makes it difficult to impossible to play VoiceZone audio with Firefox.


Spectrum should place very high priority on removing dependency on Quiktime and support reasonable playback apps.


In the meantime, it is possible to play voice message by clikcing 'View & Download', then playing the downloaded mp3 using a playback app such as Windows Media Player. This is cumbersome, but does work.


It is impossible to 'Listen to Call Blocking Message', however.



Re: VoiceZone and Apple Quiktime Requirement

Good afternoon,


If you have access to Google Chrome, please try this browser. If you find that you are still experiencing this issue, please contact us directly via the following private LINK and we will be happy to assist.


-Melissa O.

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Re: VoiceZone and Apple Quiktime Requirement

Thank you. I've clicked "Enjoy" because you've provided useful help and refreshed my memory. But "Enjoy" is hardly the word for it. TWC/Spectrum/Comcast needs to be less cute and salesy and pay more attention to actual function and service.