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I have been a Time Warner customer for many years  and dealt with many problems and with many technicians that came out to fix the issues. But I have never come across a technician that has the knowledgeable as Michael  Tec #73**, and who genuinely cares about his customers. I have had  so many problems with my phone line in the past and the only things that other technicians would do for me was exchange out the phone modem and tell me to reset the modem if I have issues again. I did what they told me and my problems were never fixed until now. Michael  came out to the house for different problem and I happened to mention to him about my phone issues that have never been fixed for many years. He listened to what I told him and he removed the plate from the wall and he discovered that the lines inside the plate  coming through the house were cut and damaged. That explains why the phone modem was taking so long to reboot and I couldn't get a clear sound. He was very caring and concerned about my problem. I wish your company had more technicians like him. Because of him I will be a Time Warner/Spectrum customer for many more years to come. He should be recognized for going the extra mile for his customers! Your company needs more technicians like him to keep customers like me. I was ready to change over my service to another company until now!.

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Re: Tech #73**

We are glad to hear your experience with our technician Michael was a good one. 


if you will contact us directly at Forums_Help we can get your feedback over to 

his management team!


Hope to hear from you soon!


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