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When I signed up with TWC, I requested Internet and TV service. In order to give me the best price, the salesperson told me I should purchase the triple play package of TV, Internet, and Phone.  


 I am using my own ARRIS SURFboard SB6190 modem along with the TWC set top TV box  and the TWC modem. The TWC modem is there to provide the phone service that I did not want in the first place. Since I will not be using the TWC phone service, can I power down the TWC modem that provides the TWC phone service, disconnect it from my modem, and just remove it from my set-up? If I do this, will I adversly affect my TV and Internet service?


Thanks in advance for any ideas on this.

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If the data modem is NOT also being used for your internet connection you are not being billed a rental fee for it.  There's no price savings or credit due if you remove it, BUT do NOT disconnect or make any changes to the coaxial cable.  Power can be unplugged.


Re: TV - Internet - Phone Service Equipment Question


The coaxial cable signal is split 3 ways:

1. My owned modem for data ( internet)

2. TWC modem for phone service (you are correct ,no charge for this)

3. TV set top  box


I am going to reduce the  coaxial split from three to two, and disconnect and remove the TWC modem. If it causes problems, I can always put it back.


I know there is no cost savings in doing this.  My goal is to get an unneeded piece of equipment off my desk,











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Make sure your internet modem, the 6190, is on the splitters -3.5 port and not the -7 ports.

 Leave the twc modem on a -7 and cable box a -7 as well.


If splitters a -5 -5 -5, doesn't matter, all ports are equal

To disconnect the modem completely, either put a 75 ohm terminator on the empty port or replace the 3 way with a 2 way splitter.



Re: TV - Internet - Phone Service Equipment Question

Thanks for the help everyone. The gateway is fairly large, 11"x11"x 2", so I was happy to be able to disconnect it and get it out of the way.