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Puzzle with Nomorobo

I was trying to solve a puzzle on my Mom's account where she was showing multiple outgoing calls in her call history to (646)798-8400.  She was not making these calls.  Thinking it was possible fraud, we contacted the TWC Fraud/Security group.  The wizards over there seem to think hackers are using her answering machine to make outbound calls.  Not a TWC issue they claimed.

I decided to try and add the phone number to her Blocked Caller list.  I received the error message "This is the Nomorobo Number. If you want to turn ON Nomorobo feature, Please go to Call Privacy>>Nomorobo to enable"

Does anyone know if the Nomorobo feature takes robo calls and forwards them to (646)798-8400?  Possibly for tracking or if perhaps a message is played?  When I call the number, I get a busy signal.  Thanks.

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Re: Puzzle with Nomorobo

Nomorobo is 646-798-8400


The federal govt shows the carrier (NPAC techncially speaking) is Level 3:8824 - SVR/1

When you enable Nomorobo on your TWC account, it enables what is called "Answer Anywhere Called Forwarding" with Nomorobo's number being the one listed on that feature.  This happens automatically when you enable Nomorobo under the Peace & Quiet features in VoiceZone.  You can get to the VoiceZone control panel through your MyAccount.

When Answer Anywhere is enabled (to explain that feature in more detail), all numbers that you have added to the Answer Anywhere List will ring. The home phone will ring as well because Answer Anywhere is simultaneous. Caller ID information for the incoming call will appear on all phones set up that have caller ID configured for those devices.

Only one device will be able to accept the incoming call. Priority will go to the first number that answers/accepts the incoming call.




Here is TWC's official backstory on this:

January 6, 2016, we integrated Nomorobo into the TWC VoiceZone website. Customers will now be able to select a one-click option within TWC VoiceZone to activate Nomorobo – at no additional charge – to help block unwanted robocalls.


Nomorobo is a third-party application that blocks phone calls from telemarketers and related automated calling systems that use robocalls. TWC auto-dialed calls (Appointment, Billing, and Tech Pre-call, etc.) are not blocked by Nomorobo.


By adding Nomorobo into TWC VoiceZone, we are streamlining the process to help customers stop receiving robocalls. TWC Home Phone customers will simply log into VoiceZone, navigate to the Settings page and enable the Nomorobo feature. VoiceZone will automatically turn on the Answer Anywhere feature (if it is off) and set up the customer’s account at Nomorobo. No additional input is required of the customer.


While we have already been offering Nomorobo, this new integration will allow customers to use the service with just one click. The previous Nomorobo service setup required each TWC Home Phone customer to manually program the Nomorobo number into their “Answer Anywhere” list and then sign on to the Nomorobo website to set up their account. Our research found that, on average, less than 20% of customers who started the sign-up process completed it successfully.


We partnered with Nomorobo and are now adding this integrated feature as a response to increased customer concerns regarding the volume of robocalls they are receiving – an issue that impacts all phone service providers. In fact, the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) received 215,000 complaints about robocalls in 2014, more than any other issue


Nomorobo Integration into TWC VoiceZone General FAQs

What is a robocall?

A robocall is a phone call from a computerized auto-dialing system that delivers a prerecorded message to the recipient when they answer the call.  Robocalls are typically used by telemarketing companies or political phone campaigns.  Companies using robocalls tend to employ various techniques to prevent their robocalls from being blocked by removing caller ID information. 

What are the risks associated with robocalls?

Robocalls are a standard method for telephone scammers to contact potential victims.  One recent estimate showed that one in five calls made every day to U.S. numbers are robocalls or calls from telemarketers.  The average person receives an average of 25-30 spam calls per month. 

What is Nomorobo?

Nomorobo is a third-party, cloud-based service that blocks or hangs up on robocalls and telemarketer calls before they reach the intended Home Phone customer number.  

How does Nomorobo work?

Nomorobo compares the caller’s source phone numbers to its blacklist of illegal telemarketers and robocallers, which are compiled from complaints filed with state and federal regulators.  If there is a match, Nomorobo stops the call after the first ring and issues a challenge to the caller to verify they are human.  If the caller is a robot telemarketer, Nomorobo hangs up after the first ring.  Nomorobo also maintains a list allowing “good calls” such as school closing notifications, medical appointment reminders, etc. to get through to the customer. 


Nomorobo Integration into TWC VoiceZone Customer-Facing FAQs

How much does Nomorobo cost?

We are offering Nomorobo at no additional charge to our Home Phone customers.

But I added my number(s) to the Do Not Call registry.

The companies using robocalls have been able to bypass the National Do Not Call registry and our traditional call blocking settings by manipulating the caller ID.  Adding Nomorobo will authenticate robocalls and redirect them before the customer phone rings.

What about political and charity calls?

The Nomorobo service does not block these types of calls at this time.

Will Nomorobo block automated calls such as my kid’s school announcements, doctor's and dentists’ office, home security system, weather advisories, etc.?

No.  The only numbers that are blocked are reported, illegal robocallers.

How do I add Nomorobo to my TWC phone service?

We've added a simple, one-click option in VoiceZone, the TWC Home Phone customer portal.  Just click the option to add Nomorobo and it will help block unwanted telemarketer and robocalls.

I've enabled the Nomorobo service on my Home Phone line.  What do I do now?

Continue to use your Home Phone like normal.  Wait for the second ring to answer the phone for incoming calls, as Nomorobo needs the first ring to detect robocallers.  If you only hear one ring and then it stops, you know a robocaller was just blocked.  If the phone continues ringing, you should answer it.

A robocaller still called me.  What happened?

Occasionally a robocaller or a telemarketer will slip through, as the Nomorobo service must constantly adapt to their changes in tactics

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Re: Puzzle with Nomorobo

Thanks for the confirmation!  I truly appreciate it.

A couple of suggestions:

1) Add to the General and Customer Facing FAQ's that this number will show up on your Call History as an outgoing call.  Normal operation for Nomorobo service.

2) Let the TWC Tech Support and Risk Operations team (855-222-7342) know about this.  After much investigation they concluded that it was a hacker placing LD calls through the home answering machine. 


Re: Puzzle with Nomorobo

Just for added information's sake, in case some are not aware of voicemail hacking, here is an informative link:

I, myself, had this happen on my wireless (AT&T)--the hackers were using my data allotment by doing so. I had to completely disable call-forwarding and voicemail to stop it.


Re: Puzzle with Nomorobo

The best part is that when you have statewide calling only you get charged for a longdistacne call everytime your phone rings. Not happy with this. I had to disable the feature so not to get charge $0.05 everytime my phone rings. Time Warner really needs to fix this.


Re: Puzzle with Nomorobo

Is there any way to provision my account to not charge me long distance when the Nomorobo number is dialed. I only have statewide calling and not Nation wide so everytime someone calls me I get hit with a long distance charge.

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Re: Puzzle with Nomorobo

I do know that the Statewide calling plan is no longer offered starting November 2015. 


If you are interested in changing plans to one that covers nation wide calling we would suggest

getting in contact with our specialists at 1-800-892-4357. We may be able to offer you 

a better plan at a better price.



We look forward to hearing from you. 


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Re: Puzzle with Nomorobo

I have just noticed the call to the number 646-798-8400 on my call log. Prior to finding this thread, I contacted the online chat support. Support advised that the calls were probably due to a hacker and told me to change my password.

TWC please re-train your staff on the matter.


Re: Puzzle with Nomorobo

Thanks a lot!
I've been getting blocked calls several times a day and decided to check my call history to try to see who was being blocked when I noticed those innumerous calls from my phone to 646-798-8400. Very alarmed, I googled the number and found this thread. Very helpful! We did sing up for Nomorobo a while ago and this explains everything. Thanks again!

Re: Puzzle with Nomorobo

Wow, I contacted support thinking I could get an educated answer.  Boy was I wrong; just spent 20 minutes dealing with untrained support staff on this issue.  Should have just Googled the answer - apparently that is more reliable than the "experts".  They kept insisting that someone was using the Phone2Go feature. Ridiculous response since I never use this bundled phone product - ever.