Phone is diverting to voice mail

Over the past week, every day at some point, all of our phone calls are being diverted to voice mail.  The phone does not ring at all, it just goes to voice mail.  I manage to get the phone calls to ring through but phone calls start diverting again.   I have all the call blocking features cut off.  Help!

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Re: Phone is diverting to voice mail

This will happen if your cable connection is out of service for some reason.  It's pretty much the same as when your internet connection drops due to a noisy signal.  Make a service appointment with Spectrum, and DO NOT power cycle your modem during the 6 to 8 hours ahead of your appointment. 


Re: Phone is diverting to voice mail

I had same issue and turning off simultaneous ring fixed it all!

It was a concurrent item with the NOMOROBO thing.

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Re: Phone is diverting to voice mail

Sorry for the late reply, @K4GPB your calls were also diverting to Voice Mail?


@Karen  any update on this?



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Re: Phone is diverting to voice mail

Yes, some went to voice mail only if the caller stayed on the line long enough during all the silence of hearing no ringing.


Addditional factoid:

I have  my Arriss modem and Netgear router (on uninterruptible power supplies) power-cycled daily via 5-dollar lamp timers aound 2 AM, for the past two years or so.... for terrific reliability!