Phone doesn't work after modem/service change

We switched from Time Warner to Spectrum and got a new modem. When our phone is plugged into the Telephone 1 port there's no dial tone. The Telephone 1 light on the modem constantly blinks.

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Re: Phone doesn't work after modem/service change

This means the phone transfer in our system failed and will have to be done manually.

It's typically a fairly simple software fix, just need somebody in Tier3/Phone support to edit the provisioning.  What's likely going on is that the phone #'s profile is still setup for the old modem instead of the new one, and just needs to be edited to work.

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Re: Phone doesn't work after modem/service change

Hello Deb51, 


What has happened was that the phone modem was not plugged in during the device swap when you took it in, and the phone number is still trying to talk to the modem that was turned in.


This can be fixed with a call to tech support, and can be fixed over the phone in about 15 minutes.


If a technician rollout is requested, this can usually be done over the phone fairly quickly, though unless there are other issues that should not be necessary.

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