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I am new to TWC and signed up for following services: Home Phone, Internet, and Cable TV.  I prefer NOT to rent the modem.  I am going to provide my own modem.  Questions:


1.  Can I purchase (either via TWC or on my own) an eMTA modem to avoid having multiple modems?  Will that be supported and work? 


2. If answer to item # 1 (above) is YES, then which eMTA modem models are supported?


3. If answer to item # 1 (above) is NO, then what is the best / recommended way to get this done without renting a modem?


4. If we do a split (phone modem vs data modem) setup, then are people running into issues with signal strength?


5. If eMTA modems are NOT supported, do people use it anyway and does it work well?





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Thanks for the heads up.  Going back to questions: do you have any insights about single eMTA modem to handle both or multiple modems (phone vs data)?


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Hello @vnp

 At this time you can not purchase your own eMTA.

You would purchase our own modem and we would provide you with the eMTA with no lease fee for the device. You can find a list of the tested devices at: Recommended Modems

Upon installation will make sure that the signals are within range. There would be no issue with using two separate devices. 


If you have any further questions or concerns we are available at: ForumsHelp


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Copy and paste the existing modems signal level pages.

 Adding a 2 way splitter adds 3.5 dB of loss and can put the working modem over the edge in some cases, especially if there are also cable TV splitters.